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The system
How it
The benefits
of a system
How to
get MOOML?
CRV modul
The unique online system
for the management and analysis of dairyherd
2.7.5 New in version:

Klíč diagnóz ICAR
MOOML obsahuje kompletní seznam diagnóz podle mezinárodního klíče ICAR!
Nově je také doplněn seznam registrovaných léčiv podle ÚSKVBL.
Obě databáze budou stále udržovány, tak aby při zaregistrování nového léčiva nebo diagnózy byly k dispozici i pro vás v systému MOOML.

Komunikace MOOML - Deník nemocí a léčení (ČMSCH)
V současné době probíhá technické dořešení plné synchronizace léčení a léčiv s Deníkem nemocí a léčení, který znáte z portálu ČMSCH.

Two programs
in one:

Desktop PC

  • on any computer (PC, notebook, ultrabook, Mac), which is connected internet

Mobil / Tablet

  • Smartphone - on any mobile phone with Android OS (version higher than 2.2) or iOS (iPhone)

  • tablet with Android or iPad


You work in one place - in one program with all data that can be obtained from all sources associated with the breeding of dairy and beef cattle.

Data is loaded into the system automatically:

  • Data from Milktests

  • Central Registry for reproduction

  • connection with programs parlors (AFIFARM, Boumatic, De-Laval, Fullwod, Lely, Westfalia, ...)

  • Reporting changes in the central register - automatically they are sent to the central register data according to user settings


  • all data are processed immediately upon arrival into the system MOOML and are immediately available on both platforms (mobile or desktop)

  • currently can working unlimited users


Professional analyzes, tables and graphics of the current data and comparisons between the days testing of milk
  • Milktest (DHI-202)
  • reproduction (DHI-202, DC305)


Any user can set their views to the herd, custom reports, and analyzes are made available when you log on to any computer.

What do I need to be
connected to the system MOOML?

Signed form for permission to access data from milkcontrol

Connecting to a computer
only 10 minutes of your time

MOOML includes CRV module!